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 What's new? [Peek Inside]

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What's new? [Peek Inside] Empty
PostSubject: What's new? [Peek Inside]   What's new? [Peek Inside] Empty16th June 2017, 2:45 am

Since CS2D is going to be added on Steam

Radeon2D will be back on service

Quote :
What's new?

Radeon will Deploy a CS2D Server with Ranked System Script combined with CSGO Rank Icons

Radeon2D Features:
- Ranked System ( by Deathliger )
- Defusal Failure ( by Yuki Usagi )
- Anti Aimbot ( This is what you've been waiting xpro xd )
- Lockteams

Quote :
About Ranked System
You get 3Points by Killing
You lose 2Points by Dying
0.5 Chance of Ranking up after Getting MVP or you get 2Points
Stay Tuned, Radeon2D will be Promoting Fun at 3Servers
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What's new? [Peek Inside]
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